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MedStar Innovation and Design (MIND) Lab

Operated by the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), the MedStar Innovation and Design (MIND) Lab is a venue for MedStar Health associates and their visitors that encourages curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. Here, we tell our story of innovation and growth and ignite an energy to reimagine our work and our future.

Conveniently located off of the main lobby of the MedStar headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, the MIND Lab is a 1,600-square-foot innovation space for all MedStar associates to see, think, and work differently. Every MedStar associate can feel welcome, be inspired, feed curiosity, learn new skills, and connect with others. We’re open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on standard business days.

Here’s how MedStar associates can get to know the MIND Lab:

  • Attend one of our events—or partner with us on yours. Join lunch and learns, fireside chats, live demonstrations, office hours, video viewings, and more, featuring inspirational speakers and thought leaders within and beyond our MedStar network. Or enhance your own brainstorming session, special event, or important meeting by collaborating with us to use the MIND Lab to foster new ideas and engagement and drive results.

  • Experience MIND Lab technology and content. Explore MedStar milestones and other information via a novel, interactive display created for the space; host a meeting via the Cisco Spark board, an all-in-one smartboard; or get inspired by our unique welcome screen when you drop in to work from the space.

  • Stay tuned for information about our related intranet. MI2 is developing an intranet for all MedStar associates to serve as the digital destination for MIND Lab content. Details will be shared with MedStar entities as the resource is launched.

MedStar associates: Have a question, idea for a speaker, or special request regarding the space? Email [email protected].

Photo credit (top): Anne Gummerson