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MedStar Innovation Forum

What is the MedStar Innovation Forum?

The MedStar Innovation Forum is a core initiative of the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) that brings together the brightest minds within the MedStar Health system. The Forum provides a fresh perspective on innovation, a variety of presentations designed to inspire and excite, and facilitated discussions aimed at catalyzing innovation. The Forum is also an opportunity for participants to network and engage in the creative energy of MedStar Health.

The goals of the MedStar Innovation Forum are to:

  • Be Provocative: Our speakers put forth interesting, stimulating, and thoughtful ideas about innovation. It’s not only about thinking differently, but also thinking about different things.
  • Showcase MedStar Health: The Forum features the tremendous talent pool inside of MedStar Health and highlights the creative minds dispersed throughout our 10-hospital system.
  • Catalyze Change: The Forum is intended to create ongoing conversations related to health innovation in order to effect change in the way we think and deliver health care.


2018 — Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Read the reflections of two attendees here:

Eva Hochberger, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at MedStar Health Research Institute

Sharon Rodriguez, 2017-18 fellow with Health for America at MedStar Health

2016 — Altered States & Extreme Conditions

2015 — Insight & Imagination

2013 — Tell me a Story

2012 — Influence, Design, & Flow

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in these videos are not those of MedStar Health and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of MedStar Health.