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Nicoleta Parau

Business Manager

Nicoleta is the business manager for MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2). She oversees the daily office activities, including financial management and human resource support, with a focus on developing and maintaining policies and procedures to support an organized, efficient, and enjoyable workplace. Nicoleta also serves as liaison with corporate departments, such as Finance, Purchasing, Payroll, and others, to address department needs and reporting. Nicoleta's management style is focused on cultivating creativity, collaboration, personal growth, and kindness. 

Nicoleta co-leads the MI2 Social Committee, an enthusiastic group of coworkers working together to organize activities that promote associates’ well-being in the workplace. Nicoleta has been a champion in implementing various environmentally-friendly practices in line with our innovative culture. 

Nicoleta has a bachelor’s degree in health systems management from the University of Baltimore.

In her free time, she enjoys learning world languages and traveling, and she is currently learning the ABC’s of gardening.