Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health

About Us

We work hand-in-hand with MedStar Health associates to transform your innovative ideas and discoveries into commercial products that advance health, increase the quality, efficiency, and safety of our system, and improve the experience of patients, families, and providers within MedStar Health and beyond.

Meet our team:

Left to right: Marck-Arthur Clerveau, Innovation Manager; Steve Kinsey, Director; and Dae Capobianco, Innovation Manager.

If you are a MedStar Health associate with an innovative idea or discovery, MedStar Inventor Services can help you:


  • Discover whether or not your idea already exists
  • Evaluate the clinical need, readiness, and commercial potential of your idea
  • Negotiate and collaborate with industry partners to get your idea into the world
  • Manage legal agreements and industry relationships throughout the commercialization process

What’s in it for you?

Make a difference in the lives of patients and colleagues

Get recognized by MedStar Health colleagues and leaders

Assume no monetary risk because MedStar Health covers legal and marketing

Receive 50% of revenue after expenses if your invention goes to market

Get started!

You can email your idea to [email protected] or, if your idea is further developed, submit an Invention Disclosure Form.

Intellectual Property Policy

The MedStar Intellectual Property Policy establishes the basic rights and obligations relating to intellectual property created by MedStar Health associates and others connected to MedStar Health, and also provides additional detail regarding intellectual property creation, ownership, and release. You can find a copy of the MedStar Intellectual Property (IP) Policy here as well as a guide to understanding the IP Policy here.

MedStar Health MInnovations

MedStar Inventor Services also manages the MInnovations program, which celebrates and shares unique and innovative tools, processes, and other solutions created by MedStar Health associates to support their day-to-day work. Visit our MInnovations microsite to browse the MInnovations gallery or submit your own MInnovation.

Global Healthcare Innovations Alliance

MedStar Inventor Services was founded in 2011 as part of the Global Healthcare Innovations Alliance, launched by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and MedStar Health on 1/11/11 at 11:11 a.m.-a symbolic expression of the Alliance being the first of its kind. As the first joint initiative of this new alliance, Cleveland Clinic Innovations provides on-the-ground support to assist MedStar Inventor Services in tapping into the creative talents of MedStar Health associates and managing an “idea-to-market” process.