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The Influence Center, founded May 1, 2015, is part of the MedStar Institute for Innovation at MedStar Health. Influence is a primary function in health care and is a learnable skill that involves applying proven principles and techniques to generate positive behavior, create stronger relationships, improve communication, and produce feelings of satisfaction and engagement. It transcends everything we do, from clinical care to performance transformation to professional leadership, to research and education.

The Influence Center impacts other health-related areas including:

  • Patient engagement
  • Risk Management
  • Philanthropy
  • Government Affairs
  • Quality & Safety
  • Patient Adherence
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Learning and Education

Influence is a universal skill that remains evergreen and can be applied across healthcare applications, ranging from patient experience to copywriting. The Center offers the following services to MedStar Health and to external clients:

Any communication can be completely transformed by an Influence Consultation. Your email, presentation, flyer, job posting, and more will become more powerful, effective, and memorable. Influence Consults utilizes scientific principles adapted from Dr. Robert Cialdini, Influence author, professor, and expert. For insight into Cialdini's 6 Scientific Principles of Influence, watch this video:

The Center for Health Influence & Engagement offers presentations, inservices, and workshops to MedStar Health as well as outside clients. Each presentation, etc. is tailored to the specific needs of the  audience.

The Impact & Influence Course is an exclusive benefit to MedStar Health associates. Absolutely everything you do in healthcare can be optimized with influence, which is why MedStar Health doctors, nurses, and more have access to this course. Learn more here.

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To explore research opportunities with the MI2 Center for Health Influence & Engagement, please contact us here.

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Simfluence™ - Influence in Simulation Training at MedStar SiTEL - Stay tuned!


The MI2 Impact & Influence Course is divided into a series of modules, each with a deeper dive into content areas related to influence. Each module has a series of videos that are easily digestible (5-10 minutes) and actionable (action items you can use immediately) chunks. The Influence Principles featured in this course include Instant Rapport, nonverbal communication and body language, and how to influence groups. The MI2 Impact & Influence Course helps you:

  • Effortlessly improve your relationships
  • Optimize your time with patients
  • Work smarter and quicker, leaving time to do things you enjoy
  • Improve employee morale and patient experience
  • Practice these techniques at home to improve your personal life as well

To begin, please email us here.