Educators at MedStar SiTEL Receive CIRCLE Grants For New Medical Education At Georgetown University Medical Center

Alex Walker, PhD, Senior Director, Learning Research and Design, MedStar SiTEL
John Yosaitis, MD, Medical Director, MedStar SiTEL

Two educators at MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL) have received faculty grants from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) for the educational initiatives they designed for students.

Both John Yosaitis, MD, MedStar SiTEL’s medical director, and Alex Walker, PhD, senior director of learning research and design, were among this year’s recipients of GUMC’s CIRCLE Grant. The grant is awarded to faculty pursuing innovative educational initiatives for the benefit of medical students and the institution.

Yosaitis collaborated with students and an interdisciplinary group of faculty to make diverse, peer-to-peer and self-directed experiential learning opportunities accessible to students at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM) around the clock. In addition to his role at MedStar SiTEL, Yosaitis is director of the Integrated Learning Center and assistant professor at Georgetown University Medical Center.

In a separate effort, Walker and other collaborators will use the award to develop a pre-matriculation workshop for students that explores strategies for learning in medical school, as well as how to become self-regulated, confident learners. Walker is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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