C-SPAN: FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on the “Future of Medical Care” at MedStar SiTEL

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WASHINGTON (December 19, 2017) - Jessica Rosenworcel, a member of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), showcased her recent visit to the MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab during a hearing on telehealth in rural America on December 14. 

“I’ve seen the future . . . through a pair of virtual reality goggles as alarms were blaring in my ears and supervising physicians were urging me to administer CPR in order to save a patient. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. But I got to see the future of medical care at the Simulation Training and Education Lab in northwest Washington, where video game developers work hand-in-hand with researchers and clinicians to develop training for the MedStar Health system. It turns out virtual reality can improve training by leaps and bounds, reducing real-world errors and improving patient outcomes. This is especially true for practitioners in rural and remote areas who lack the resources for regular in person consultation and training with colleagues,” Rosenworcel said.

Rosenworcel met with leaders from MedStar Institute for Innovation on October 16 to learn how technology is transforming clinical education and health care access across geographic boundaries.