MI2 Forum Provides a Gift of Time Apart and the Means to Tap Creative Energy

The MedStar Institute for Innovation is hosting its 6th annual forum, “Innovations in . . . Thinking Differently,” on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at the Hyatt Regency, Bethesda. The theme is “Insight and Imagination”.

The forum is one way in which MI2 seeks to catalyze innovation energy at MedStar Health, by inspiring and equipping associates to unlock their potential to create and improve health care. “A huge amount of untapped creative and intellectual capital resides within MedStar Health associates in every corner of our diverse health system,” says Mark Smith, MedStar Health’s chief innovation officer and the director of MI2.

The annual forum is a hallmark of MI2, and supports one of its foundational premises: the tyranny of the daily trumps the pursuit of the remarkable …in the absence of a countervailing force.“ MI2 aspires to be that countervailing force,” Smith says. The MI2 forum provides a day apart from the regular work day and challenges participants to expand their thinking through compelling presentations, Brain Tai ChiTM and creative thinking exercises.

This year’s forum is expected to host 450 MedStar Health associates and guests. Topics and speakers include:

  • MI2 Brain Tai Chi™  with Taylr Jesinger and Mark Smith, MD, of the MedStar Institute for Innovation
  • Insight For A Change: Ed Tori, DO, Director, MI2 Center for Health Influence & Engagement Director of Presence, MedStar Institute for Innovation.
  • The Light Bulb Moment: Three Mysteries, with Gary Klein, a cognitive psychologist and founder of ShadowBox LLC.
  • The Creativity Connection Between the Physical and the Mental, with Elizabeth Delasobera, MD, director of Sports Medicine for MedStar Emergency Physicians.
  • The Nose in Front of Your Face: How to See Missed Opportunities Staring You in the Face, with Eric Haseltine, president and managing director of Haseltine Partners LLC.
  • Epiphany, Savantism, and the Radical Technologies Unlocking the Mind, with Michael Gillam, CEO and founder of HealthLabs and Athla.
  • Launching the Revolution: Unlocking the Ideas That Can Change the World, with Donna Harris, cofounder and co-CEO of 1776.
  • The Daily Zoo: Keeping the Doctor Away with a Drawing a Day, with Chris Ayers, digital article and Hollywood character designer.
  • Tongue Twisters to Tailoring Tasks: Insights for Safety, with Raj Ratwani, scientific director of MI2’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare.
  • Directed Imagination: There Is an App for That, with Paul Plsek, innovator-in-residence and a consultant, author and developer of DirectedCreativity.

About the MedStar Institute for Innovation

The MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) was chartered in 2009 by Ken Samet, President and CEO of MedStar Health, to serve as a catalyst and seed crystal for innovation across the entire MedStar organization. Its mission–to catalyze innovation that advances health; its mantra–“Think Differently.” MI2’s first foundational premise is that a huge amount of untapped creative and intellectual capital exists at MedStar Health; Its second foundational premise is that the tyranny of the daily trumps the pursuit of the remarkable …in the absence of a countervailing force. MI2 aspires to be that countervailing force.

The scope of activities at MI2 include initiatives in human factors engineering; simulation training; digital health and data science; technology development and commercialization; and systems of care delivery. 

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