MedStar Institute for Innovation’s Usability Director, Andy Schaudt, Makes Med Device Online Top 10 Of 2014

Med Device Online. Welcome to Med Device Online’s first-ever Top 10 newsletter — a look back at the most popular articles, trends, and technologies of 2014.… See the article below or download the pdf here.


12.18.14 — Top 10 Of 2014

Welcome to Med Device Online’s first-ever Top 10 newsletter — a look back at the most popular articles, trends, and technologies of 2014. Scroll down to revisit the year’s top news headlines, including tales of mega-mergers, court battles, and tax inversion. Visit Industry Perspectives to see which expert opinions you and your peers found most compelling. Learn new strategies and techniques from the most-clicked Feature Articles and Resources. And among the Products & Services, you may just find the right supplier for your current (or next) project.

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Top 10 “From The Editor” Columns
1. 6 Technology Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore (In Your Medical Device Design)
2. Reverse Engineering A Human Heart Valve
3. The Toxic Killers Of Innovation — And 3 Simple Rules For Avoiding Them
4. Could Your Next Device Be Exempt From FDA Premarket Requirements?
5. 3D Printing In Medicine: 4 Questions That Need To Be Answered
6. State Of Innovation: The Next U.S. Medtech Hotspot
7. Cutting Through The Remote Patient Monitoring Hype
8. 7 Unconventional Ways To Fund A Medtech Startup
9. 5 Big Trends Affecting Polymer Material And Process Selection For Medical Devices
10. Window Through The Skin: The Development Of A Pocket-Sized Imaging Device
Top Featured Articles
1. The 10 Commandments Of Product Development
By Eric Claude, MPR Associates, Inc.
2. Transformation Of The U.S. Medical Device Supply Chain 
By Exel
3. 9 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Supplier For Medical Device Applications
By Luis Tissone, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
4. How The Internet Of Things Is Revolutionizing Healthcare
By David Niewolny, Freescale Semiconductor
5. Choosing The Right Resin For Your Design— A Reference Guide
By Proto Labs, Inc.
6. An Introduction To Ultrasonic Welds For Medical Devices
By Proven Process Medical Devices, Inc.
7. Precision Prototyping: The Role Of 3D Printed Molds In The Injection Molding Industry
By Stratasys, Inc.
8. Six Trends In Robotics In The Life Sciences
By Parker Hannifin
Top 10 Industry Perspectives
1. What To Expect From The Upcoming ISO 13485 Revisions
By Marcelo Trevino, Medtronic, Inc.
2. Three Rules For Designing Medical Device Tests
By Lynessa Erler, MPR Associates, Inc.
3. Understanding The UDI Rule: A Guide For Medical Device Manufacturers
By Dan O’Leary, Ombu Enterprises
4. 4 Reasons Why Device Makers Should Pay Close Attention To India
By Gunjan Bagla and Rajnish Rohatgi, Amritt Inc.
5. Is Your Boring Regulatory Strategy Costing You Business?
By Michael Drues, Vascular Sciences
6. Five Things You Need To Know About The Point Of Care Technology Market
By Milos Todorovic, Lux Research Inc.
7. A Human Factors Engineering Primer For Medical Device Development
By Andy Schaudt, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare at the MedStar Institute for Innovation
8. Medical Device Tax Is Cutting Jobs, R&D, And U.S. Investment
By Steve Ubl, AdvaMed
9. Responsible Disclosure: 8 Security Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
By Stephanie Preston, Battelle
10. U.S. Orthopedic Trauma Device Market To Exceed $8 Billion By 2020
By Dr. Kamran Zamanian and Dylan Freeze, iData Research Inc.
Top Resources
Cleaning Validation For Medical Device Manufacturing
By Alconox, Inc.
11 Tips For Outsourcing Disposable Medical Devices
By ATL (Ad Tape & Label)
Molding Flexibility With Liquid Silicone Rubber
By Proto Labs, Inc.
Short-Run Injection Molding For Medical Devices
By PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.
Datasheet: Thermal Research Camera
By FLIR Systems, Inc.
Datasheet: Miniature Optical Encoders For Medical Positioning Devices
By Canon USA, Inc.
Datasheet: Miniature Diaphragm Liquid Pumps
By Parker Hannifin
Connectors Take On A New Life
The Flip Book Of Heating Element Designs In Medical Devices
By Heatron, Inc.
Top 10 News Stories
1. J&J Exploring Sale Of Medical Device Unit
2. J&J Slapped With Injunction In Covidien Patent Case
3. Abbott Cuts Jobs At California Facility
4. Boston Scientific Bombarded With Trial Losses Over Transvaginal Mesh
5. Google Heads $542 Million Investment In Device Startup
6. Woman Receives 3D Printed Full Skull Implant
7. Philips Loses Patent Litigation, Fined $466M
8. Medtronic To Acquire Covidien For $42.9B
9. Will Medtech Companies Kiss Irish Tax Inversions Goodbye?
Top 10 Products And Services
1. Precision Aspirate And Dispense Syringe Pump
Parker Hannifin
2. Direct Metal Laser Sintering For Additive Manufacturing
Proto Labs, Inc.
3. 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod
PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
4. Sensors Help To Optimize Medical Care
First Sensor AG
5. Medical Device Surface Treatment
Carclo Technical Plastics
6. Scientific Camera For Medical Imaging Applications
Raptor Photonics Limited
7. Lasers For Medical Applications
Modulight, Inc.
8. 3D Optical Surface Profiler
Zygo Corporation
9. Production Prototyping
PTI Engineered Plastics, Inc.
10. Critical-Cleaning Liquid Detergent
Alconox, Inc.

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