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Simulation Programs

Designed to strengthen confidence and promote competence, MedStar SiTEL’s simulation education provides hands-on learning opportunities for clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals of all roles, specialties and levels of experience.

Through close partnership with subject matter experts, our educators and simulation specialists create and deliver a variety of realistic, high-impact learning experiences in a safe training environment. Scenario-based exercises focus on mastering technical skills, practicing protocols, applying clinical decision making, and developing communication and interpersonal skills.

Located throughout the Washington-Baltimore region, our state-of-the-art simulation facilities offer dedicated experiential learning space designed and equipped to accurately reflect the clinical environment of our care facilities. MedStar SiTEL also operates the Mobile Simulation Lab and provides in-situ simulation services in MedStar Health hospitals and care facilities, making simulation learning more accessible across the health system.

Read about how the MedStar SiTEL Mobile Simulation Lab supported MedStar Health’s COVID-19 response on the related Case Study page.

Clinical Simulation Services

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