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Outreach Coordinators


The goal of Outreach Services is to represent MedStar SiTEL as a trusted agent for creating and delivering efficient and effective online healthcare education. Our outreach coordinators work with other divisions in MedStar SiTEL to bring rich and engaging e-learning content to MedStar Health hospitals and diversified businesses on both a strategic and a tactical level.

At the strategic level, our outreach coordinators develop and maintain relationships with key decision makers and senior executives to identify training initiatives and curricula that support our clients’ business requirements. Our coordinators assist with collecting research results and findings, and then share the implications of this research with hospitals, divisions and corporate clients. Our coordinators also participate in action-planning and goal-setting sessions with hospitals, divisions and corporate clients, as well as consult with clients on the use of survey tools available in MedStar SiTEL’s learning management system, SiTELMS. In addition, our outreach personnel provide content leadership within product development initiatives.

At the tactical level, our outreach coordinators work with faculty, department heads and educators to use SiTELMS to its fullest extent.  They provide technical and functional support, assist with creating content and courses and help refine source materials to optimize the education process for the clients’ workforce. Through direct involvement with the implementation process, our coordinators help ensure success for our clients’e-learning initiatives.