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Learning Management System

MedStar Learning Managament System Features

For a learning management system (LMS) to be effective in the long-term, it must foster continual development of department-specific training. This is why MedStar SiTEL's software development team developed “learning management roles” within SiTELMS, making the creation and management of your organizational learning realistic. Each interconnected role is designed to help you field an organizational learning team skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge.

Our goal is to help you modify the behavior of your organization to reflect new knowledge and insights. With the Roles-based Organization Model embedded in SiTELMS, your team will have visibility across the organization to reduce the high cost of fragmented and redundant efforts.

Engage Learners with User-Friendly Functionality

Flexibility and fluidity are the hallmarks of the 21st century education process. This is why we designed SiTELMS as a robust and flexible, SCORM/AICC-compliant, web-based technology that tracks and manages all aspects of a healthcare organization’s training requirements including continuing education units, clinical medical education and contact hours. 

SiTELMS also provides user-friendly tools that allow your educators to create engaging training content that can be rolled out strategically to different levels of the organization. While every LMS provides the basic feature set you would expect (assignments, quizzes, discussion groups, grading and course content tools), the key differentiator is how each feature is implemented. That in mind, SiTELMS excels at delivering powerful functionality in a simple, intuitive way. We work hard on the user interface to make it feel natural, and work like other familiar web sites.

The SiTELMS also offers your organization the ability to create and track mandatories that all or a subset of your employees must take and are required to pass. These can include department mandatories required by federal, state, local agencies and organizations such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), and others.

Apply the Power of Networked Learning to your Organization

Increasingly, healthcare organizations understand that larger and richer sources of knowledge are to be found outside their walls. They understand that allowing faculty to access these sources -- and share their own insights -- adds value to the entire field of healthcare. At the same time, they realize that the costs of trying to match the quality and quantity of resources and expertise found on the network would be prohibitive.

The most practical solution is to become a participatory member of the network. Faculty who create learning modules and courses on SiTELMS have the option of sharing content with the community or keeping it private in their own organization. Our clients have the opportunity to build on the good work of their peers, while still being able to customize content to their learners’ specific needs.

Healthcare organizations are discovering the many advantages of tapping their own talent and building “communities” that foster knowledge sharing. It is no great surprise that relationships and “local knowledge,”not research reports, usually have the greatest impact in improving operational performance. This specialized training cannot be purchased, as it is created from the tacit knowledge of your organization and your own subject matter experts. In short, your operational performance and your value in the marketplace is driven by this training and education.

Learning Technologies

The Learning Technologies team is our software development team, responsible for developing and maintaining MedStar Health’s online learning management system (LMS), SiTELMS. Used by associates in the MedStar Health system, SiTELMS offers education and certification requirements, live streaming, reporting and training program administration. Our LMS hosts thousands of training modules which MedStar Health associates can access 24/7 via the Internet.