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Digital Media Services


The mission of our Digital Media Services team is to provide creative consulting and development of high-quality media assets in support of the training, education, communication and innovation goals of MedStar Health organizations. 

As a media development group for diverse platforms (including the web and mobile devices), the core expertise of Digital Media Services at MedStar SiTEL is in interactive 3D trainers, video production, computer animation and photography. The team has developed a number of trainer applications and visualizations using the internally developed MedStar Digital Simulation Platform (MDSP). Additionally, the Digital Media Services team can shoot video of clinical environments and other scenarios on location. The group has a small studio for green screen capture located inside MedStar SiTEL offices.

MedStar SiTEL’s Digital Media Services is available to consult on nearly any MedStar Health project requiring digital media expertise, including creating or acquiring digital assets, defining the user experience and coordinating any associated technologies used to deliver the media.