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About MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab


The MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL) supports learning for associates throughout MedStar Health, a 10-hospital, $5 billion not-for-profit healthcare company serving the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. region. MedStar SiTEL includes:

  • Clinical Simulation Services operates simulation centers in Washington and Baltimore and a mobile simulation lab, provides in situ simulation services throughout the system, and operates a large American Health Association certification program in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardio Life Support and Basic Life Support training.
  • Learning Research & Design develops original learning content tailored to create specific educational solutions..
  • Learning Technologies is the software development group which developed and maintains MedStar Health’s learning management system (LMS), SiTELMS. SiTELMS is an innovative LMS online education system, which is used by associates and physicians in the MedStar Health system for education and certification needs, livestreaming and administering training programs.
  • Clinical Education is composed of clinicians who provide clinical domain expertise and educational design support throughout the MedStar SiTEL matrix.
  • Outreach Services provides liaison services between MedStar SiTEL and its internal and external constituents. Outreach coordinators help teaching faculty, nurse educators, administrators and other key educational stakeholders make the most of MedStar SiTEL resources.
  • Research and Academics partners with MedStar Health faculty to develop scientific journal manuscripts, abstracts and grant proposals to support simulation education research.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) works closely with project stakeholders and manages complex details to facilitate the on-time delivery of effectively executed projects.

MedStar SiTEL is part of the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), whose mission is to catalyze and create innovation that advances healthcare. MI2 focuses on learning, simulation training, information infrastructure, human factors engineering, technology commercialization and inventor services, as well as processes and systems of care delivery. We work closely with our academic partners, including the MedStar Health Research Institute, the National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare, the Georgetown University School of Medicine and School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the MedStar Health Office of Graduate Medical Education.


Transform educational approaches in healthcare by developing 21st century training technologies with innovative educational approaches that are user friendly and easily accessible.


Be a trusted provider of innovative education and training solutions for the healthcare industry.


Learning is a universal need - but individuals will approach their own learning needs from a very personal perspective. Each of us deserves to be uniquely engaged and empowered in order to learn most efficiently.


MedStar SiTEL is accredited by a number of organizations. Read more here.