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MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL) has locations in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Access SiTELMS, the learning management system (LMS) for MedStar Health associates.

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Clinical Simulation Services

Our integrated learning services combine instructional design, clinical simulation, live events, and on-demand learning to empower healthcare organizations with proven, dynamic training methods.


For a learning management system to be effective in the long term, it must foster continual development of department-specific training. This is why our software development team created "learning management roles" within SiTELMS, making the creation and management of your organizational learning realistic.

Learning Management System

Clinical Education Services


Our expert clinicians, technical specialists, and learning technologies team analyze, design, develop and evaluate multi-platform educational content in the clinical domain.


Providing video production, graphics arts and animation, screen-based simulation and avatar-based educational simulations, our Digital Media team is a key part of our educational innovation.

Digital Media Services