Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health

Idea Submission Questionnaire

Unfortunately, not all great ideas make great products. The following questions will aide you in thinking about your idea as a product. Once you are able to answer these questions about your idea, you are ready to submit an Invention Disclosure Form.

  • What is the title of the invention?
  • What is the date of the invention? (When was it conceived?)
  • What problem does the invention solve?
  • How would this technology benefit patients’ health outcomes and/or, providers?
  • What clinical criteria must patients or providers meet before they can use this technology? (For example, patients on Hemodialysis who are allergic to Heparin would be the patients who would benefit from the invention of a Heparin-free catheter).
  • Please list known products or other alternatives to your invention and the advantages your invention has over them. An easy way to do this is to identify the key words that describe your technology. List 2-3 synonyms for each key words. Do a web search for different combinations. List any relevant products, websites, articles, patents, images, etc.
  • What is the value proposition to the purchasers of your proposed product (cost savings, better patient care/outcomes, workflow efficiencies, etc.)?