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Ariam Yitbarek – Nurse Rounding

Ariam-GebrehiwotImproving the Patient Experience

Ariam Yitbarek, Senior Nursing Director, Ambulatory Care Services

In 2012, I wanted to improve the patient experience. I wanted the nurse managers to round each day. It's advised by outside boards as a best practice. I wrote a bunch of questions on a sheet of paper and the nurses asked these questions each day of each patient inside the unit. The stack of papers kept growing.

I came to MI2. They made our form electronic so I could roll it up and see the data, and they helped employees on the front lines by providing them information and little fixes that could help make the experience even better for them and better for the patient.

There are three different ways we are able to do this. One of the ways is take information out of the electronic medical system and provide it to that person right at the point that they're giving the survey to help the patient understand if they have a deficiency in their knowledge. For example, one of the questions that is high on patient experience scores is, “Do you know the medications you're taking and the potential side effects?” We put that question there, but also directly under it, we list the medications that the patient is taking. 

If the patient says, "I don't really even know what medication I'm taking," the nurse can say, "You're on Vancomycin, that's an antibiotic. It can cause flushing." We're able to embed the correct information at the right spot so the care is coordinated.

The second thing we are able to do is to fix problems in real time. We created hashtags within the forms, so if the person who is administering the survey finds a problem they can mark it up with a hashtag so that the system can do something about it. The nurse administering the survey to the patient can write "the toilet is broken," add a #facility after it and when she submits it, the facility person is notified.

The third way MI2 added value is that they aggregated everything in a real-time dashboard. We’re able to look across an individual unit, an institution, across the whole enterprise, by day or by hour. We can actually look in real-time at what our patient experience scores are.

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