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MI2 Sense

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How can a Social Network help us work together?

We all know that two heads are better than one. Add MI2’s mission (catalyze innovation that advances health) and mantra ("Think differently"), and what we get is an innovative approach to collaboration: Mi2Sense.

Mi2Sense is a secure social collaboration platform that engages MedStar Health users and helps them improve their work processes, collaborations, information sharing, and more. The platform provides MedStar Health employees with a familiar layout (similar to LinkedIn and Facebook) and an efficient, effective means to communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

Why use it?

Mi2Sense transcends the capabilities of other social media outlets in that the bonus features, such as projects, town hall meetings, assignments with due dates, and challenges, allow users to:

  • Tap into expert knowledge
  • Store and sort through important data
  • View real time responses, updates, and meetings
  • Use the power of the Mi2sense community to stretch thinking and generate ideas that would otherwise be untapped

Other benefits of Mi2Sense:

  • It is the ultimate crowdsourcing tool
  • With email, you have to know who you want to interrupt
  • It eliminates many of the frustrations that people have with email
    • Hitting send too early
    • Finding old emails
    • Managing documents
    • Managing lists