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MI2 All Minds Meeting (MAMM)

All Minds Meeting

MI2’s Monthly All Minds Meetings offer an opportunity for MedStar Health associates to hear about innovations – at MedStar Health, in the field of health, and in other industries. Short talks by dynamic speakers and creative thinkers are interspersed with engaging exercises and experiments -- and lively discussion.

The meetings take place on the first Tuesday afternoon of every month at MI2 Headquarters at the Intelsat building in Washington DC. They are open to all MedStar Health associates and to guests by invitation. Here are a few of or past MAMMs.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in these videos are not those of MedStar Health and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of MedStar Health.


Flirting with Complexity
Satyan Chari

Dance for Health
Amanda Newman and Ingrid Zimmer

Start-up Pitch: Power Supply
Robert Morton

Health XL: Digital Health Community
Tom Parsons

V-Sense Medical Devices
Jeff Nosanov

Comprehensive Primer in Visual Analytics
Ben Schneidermen


IBM Watson Health
Brooks Bayhdt

A New Paradigm for Return of Genomic Results
Marc S. Williams

Envisioning an #AgingWellHub
Brittany Weinberg

COTS: Gadgets for Health
Frank Prautzsch

Kit Check Company Snapshot
Kevin MacDonald

Event Flow: Visual Analysis in Healthcare Discovery
Ben Schneiderman

Creativity Connection between the Physical and the Mental
Elizabeth Delasobera

Intro to Integrative Medicine
Emily Ratner

Innovation that Matters
Patrick McAnaney

Accidents by Design
Eric Haseltine

Allan Fong

Shaival Kapadia

The Year of the Healthcare data breach
Grant Elliott

MD Agree
Kristian Marquez

Building an Innovation Culture
George Aposporos

Infield Health
Doug Naegele

Sinai Health Systems
Tanvir Mangat

BushyTail Health
Jason Hoefling and George Hwang