Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health

Innovation Tool Kit

IMG_0764MI2 U is MI2’s resource to help you innovate and solve problems by seeing, understanding and thinking differently. Our subject matter expertise includes:

Influence & Presence – Influence is a component of every interaction we have. This course will help you optimize, even transform, any relationship you have. Topics include how to establish instant rapport and how to move groups of people.

Design Thinking - The cognitive processes and tools get from the current state to the desired state. Understand prototyping methods for both physical objects and nonphysical ideas or concepts.

Creative Thinking & Innovation – Insight and exercises to facilitate ideation and alternative scenarios including directed brainstorming, mental benchmarking, “breaking the rules”, and “stepping stones” or extreme scenarios that open up ideas for new solutions.

Complex Systems Theory & Resilience – Healthcare is not a machine. It is a complex system. Applying Complex Systems Theory and Resilience Engineering to healthcare can transform your work and impact.

Human Factors - Systems Engineering, System Safety and Cognitive Psychology.

MI2’s two foundational premises are:

  1. There is a huge amount of untapped creative and intellectual capital at MedStar Health.
  2. The tyranny of the daily trumps the pursuit of the remarkable …in the absence of a countervailing force. MI2 aspires to be that countervailing force

To support you in thinking differently, MI2 offers the following:

  • Tools
  • Courses
  • Consults
  • Simfluence

IMG_0753Tools for Creating a Culture of Innovation - The 7 elements of a culture of innovation, the research and examples, an assessment tool and tips for leaders.

A Think Differently Primer - From MI2's Innovator In Residence and the creator of Directed Creativity, Paul Plsek.

Innovation Quick Cards (IQ Cards) - Quick reference cards on different approaches to innovation and key concepts.

Principles of Innovation - Some principles of innovation in the form of puzzles.

Innovation Learning Network   - MedStar Health associates can join this virtual community of innovative healthcare organizations across the country. Associates can sign up for free (using their MedStar Health email) here and participate in interest groups, create discussions through the ILN forum, connect with people in other member organizations and attend webinars on different healthcare innovation topics.

The Kaiser Innovation Learning Network’s Six Principles for Working Differently - Complete with 23 inspirational quotes and “how to’s” that you can use as a reference for applying design and innovation skill sets to projects and teams. Grounded in six core principles of working differently, these methods should help you pursue new approaches, explore opportunities more broadly and shape ideas quickly.

Good Reads – Some of our favorite books on innovation.

The Thinking Differently Series of online curricula offers discrete video modules that you can view as a collective or individually with information from experts and practical techniques that you can apply to your work today. To access the courses contact Brittany Singhas at [email protected]

Targeted consultations and in-depth "Think Sessions" on specific challenges. Past trainings have been provided to Clinical departments for bedside manner and patient experience, MedStar Philanthropy to optimize donor solicitation letters, MedStar Health Marketing, ambulatory care, MedStar Health copywriters and more. For a consult contact Brittany Singhas at [email protected].