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Blue Ocean Brain

blue-ocean-brainHave you met BOB?

MI2 recently engaged in a new program called Blue Ocean Brain (aka BOB).

BOB is a fun and refreshing brain training platform. BOB features a daily aliquot of 3-4 mind exercises, puzzles, and games plus some (very short) articles and facts about health, wellness, and productivity.

If you're a MedStar Health associate and interested in participating, please submit the form on this webpage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Blue Ocean Brain?

Blue Ocean Brain (aka BOB) is an online application accessible via any internet browser. The BOB application features a daily aliquot of 3-4 mind exercises, puzzles, and games plus some (very short) articles and facts about health and wellness that fall under 4 main categories: Brain Health, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Leadership. The content is refreshed (new) every day and is designed to be able to be completed in less than 10 minutes (approximately the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee). You can login as often as you wish. To access BOB, go to to login. Don’t have any account? If you’re a MedStar Health associate fill out the form and we’ll contact you to get started. To learn more about BOB, visit their website at If you’d like a more formal tour, here’s a video tutorial:  The video’s password is "BOB-Intro-Explore".

Any MedStar associate is welcome to join. However, for Phase 1 of the rollout we have limited accounts available. If you'd like to participate in Blue Ocean Brain we encourage you to sign-up. Even if we do not have any accounts available at the time we'll let you know as soon as an account opens up. If the program is successful and we have enough people on the waiting-list we'll expand the number of accounts.

Is Blue Ocean Brain free?

Yes. We currently offer Blue Ocean Brain for FREE for MedStar Health associates. However, we only have a limited number of accounts available so sign up ASAP.

How do I login?

When your account has been created, the Blue Ocean Brain team will email you your login ID and temporary password. The first time you login you will be prompted to change your password. The link to login is: Your login information will be sent to the email address you requested to be linked to your Blue Ocean Brain account. If you did not receive this email, please email [email protected].

How do I use Blue Ocean Brain?

Simply go to to login.  You can access BOB using any browser although Google Chrome is recommended.  You can also access BOB with your smartphone or tablet/iPad, however, some of the training exercises are not compatible with mobile devices.

For a more detailed tutorial, here’s a video tutorial:  The video’s password is "BOB-Intro-Explore".

Is there a tutorial?

Yes, there's a video tutorial.  Go to:  The video’s password is "BOB-Intro-Explore".

Can I use any internet browser?

Yes, BOB is compatible with all browsers, however, Google Chrome is recommended.

Can I use my iPhone or tablet?

Currently there is no app available, however, you can login to BOB via your mobile device’s internet browser.  Please note that some of the puzzles and training exercises are not yet compatible with mobile devices.  The BOB team is still developing this feature.

You accumulate Blue Ocean Points (BOB points) as you participate in activities on the Blue Ocean Brain site. The more points you have, the more active you are on the site.  The way to earn points is by participating in the Train, Solve, and Draw areas. You can earn points in the Solve area by answering the brain challenge.  If you use the Hint or Answer, though, you will lose points. In the Train area, you earn points every time you play the brain game. You have a time limit in this area and you should work to earn as many points as possible in the time limit.  You do not need to beat your high score to earn points. In the Draw area (which is available a couple times a week), you earn points by publishing a drawing.  If you post the drawing in the Gallery and receive 'likes' from your co-workers, you earn points.  You will also earn points if you like others artwork. So jump in and explore and start earning those points!

Will anyone see my scores?

Only the top 10 scores will be posted.  Other than the top 10 scores, no one will ever see your scores, points, or Cognitive Performance Management (CPM) which is found by clicking on “My Profile” in the upper right hand corner of your BOB account.  Please note that the CPM feature is still under development.

Do the BOB exercises have time limits?

 The “Train” exercise is the only exercise that has a time limit (10 minutes).  If you time out or fail at a particular level, you can go back to Home, and then choose Train again to start another training session.  Each time you engage in a new training session you can earn BOB points.  If you are currently in a training session and the 10 minutes runs out, you will be allowed to finish your session.  The articles and other exercises do not have time limits, however, keep in mind that BOB refreshes with new content every 24 hours.

Why is there a waiting-list?

MI2 is excited to launch Blue Ocean Brain at MedStar Health.  After a successful trial with 100 associates, we are launching the first phase of the program.  For the first phase of this program, we only have 200 accounts available.  The sign-up list will follow a first-come, first-served rule.  Once all accounts are claimed, we will initiate a waiting-list.  When someone decides to turn over his/her account due to inactivity or preference, we will give that seat to the next person on the waiting-list.

2015 MI2 Innovations in… Thinking Differently Forum attendees will receive a 30-day trial subscription to Blue Ocean Brain as part of the Brain Boost CarePack. Unless you have previously enrolled in the BOB program, please check your inbox for a message from the BOB team ([email protected]) sent today with your login ID and temporary password. If you are new to BOB, attended the Forum, but did not receive this email, please email [email protected]

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Feel free to contact Taylr Jesinger if you have any questions regarding Blue Ocean Brain.  Please email her at [email protected].

If you're a MedStar Health associate and interested in participating, please submit the form on this webpage.