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1776: A Platform to Reinvent the World

Donna Harris and Evan Burfield, co-founders of 1776 with Mark Smith (MI2) and Jeff Collins (MI2).

On April 29, 2014 MedStar Health, via the MedStar Institute for Innovation, announced a strategic alliance with 1776, an incubator platform based in Washington, D.C. MedStar joins Microsoft, Comcast Business and the District of Columbia in becoming the fourth and final Founding Partner of 1776. This strategic partnership is part of MedStar’s quest to find new, better and faster responses to the challenges facing America’s healthcare system.

1776 is a global platform for startups that are tackling major world challenges such as health care, education, energy, and “smart cities”. Located a few blocks from the White House, 1776 provides its now 200+ startups with mentorship, programs, and unique access to connections to help them grow their businesses. 1776 helps identify the most promising startups in health care and related fields and helps engineer their success.

As 1776’s primary healthcare partner, MedStar acts as an advisor to the incubator’s new health-related companies, helping refine prototypes into practical, real-life applications that better patient care. Under this multi-faceted partnership, MedStar Health clinicians and administrators have an ongoing presence at the 1776 campus to actively work alongside startup companies that are building solutions to health care and other major global challenge areas. MedStar provides educational workshops and experiential opportunities for innovators seeking to stay current and engage with the evolving healthcare delivery landscape.

MedStar also participates in the annual 1776 Global Challenge Cup, which sources the best startups from 54 cities worldwide, culminating in a week-long, 8,000-person event in the nation’s capital. At the various events, MedStar participates in judging panels and aligns with thought leaders in health care and other intersectional industries, building a true ecosystem of innovation.

Through the MedStar Institute for Innovation, the 1776/MedStar partnership:

  • Brings health industry expertise to the 1776 campus through mentorship and panel presentations
  • Fosters new partnerships with national companies and local organizations to stay at the cutting edge of innovation and improve the health of our communities

  • 1776 Washington, DC Campus
  • Audience at 1776 Washington, DC Location
  • 2015, Mark Smith at 1776 Challenge
  • 2015, Mark Smith, Mayor Bowser, Erin Wagner, and Diane Caslow at 1776 Challenge Cup
  • 2015 MedStar health sponsor of Challenge Cup Health Day Competition
  • 2015, Experts Discussing Use of Technology to Combat Ebola Epidemic
  • Experts, including Dr. Mark Smith, Discussing Use of Technology to Combat Ebola Epidemic
  • 2014, Mark Smith on panel with head of innovation for Booz Allen and Pearson, moderated by Donna Harris


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