Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health

Three Phases



Program Timeline

Health for America (HFA) at MedStar Health's learning is organized into three phases, enabling fellows to prioritize deep dives into select content and report on their progress at meaningful milestones in the fellowship.

Shadowing, interviews, simulation, and continuous research are signature activities of this phase, which culminates in the creation of a landscape analysis report. The report distills key lessons about the domain, relevant companies, and areas of need/opportunity, shaping the fellows’ transition into the ideation phase.

This phase invites brainstorming, testing, and iterating top solution ideas, all while gathering and integrating stakeholder feedback. It concludes with an ideation report summarizing key activities and lessons from the fellows’ work on their top ideas, and identifying the solution each fellow will implement for the remainder of the program.

Fellows refine solutions into more polished prototypes during the implementation phase and work with internal and/or external partners to develop plans for sustaining this work. The final portfolio showcases their process and outcomes.

Health for America phases