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Type 2 Diabetes

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2015-2016 Health for America Fellowship

Health for America diabetes mentors and fellows


Type 2 diabetes is a progressive metabolic condition affecting 29 million Americans that occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin effectively. The fellows worked closely with leaders, caregivers, and patients from the MedStar Diabetes Institute to understand and address issues related to prevention, education, and management.


The fellows and their partners co-created WellRooted, a diet management and nutrition literacy tool that enabled people living with type 2 diabetes to order diabetes-friendly meals straight to their doorsteps. The online platform offered two menus: Cook-at-Home (recipes + ingredient delivery) and Ready-to-Eat (deliveries of fully-prepared meals). In an effort to connect clinics to kitchens, the WellRooted website and recipe cards also provided bite-sized, actionable nutrition education.

In May 2017, MedStar Health announced that WellRooted was being refined and transformed into MedStar Healthy. Designed to support the overall wellness of patients and the broader MedStar community, provides easy connections to fully-prepared meals and recipes that meet MedStar nutritional recommendations, as well as links to wellness classes throughout the system. The launch of the program also marked a strengthened partnership with Territory, a locally-launched prepared meal service. MedStar Healthy was among Territory's first nutritionally-focused menu filters, making it easier for the MedStar network and general consumers to order meals deemed "MedStar Healthy."


2015-2016 HFA fellows: Dan Hoff, Amanda Newman, May Paquete and Jake Vildibill

2015-2016 physician mentor: Dr. Michelle Magee

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