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Telehealth and Integrative Medicine

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The HFA program has concluded. Learn about other innovative initiatives and careers by following MI2 social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

2017-2018 Health for America Fellowship


The 2017-18 fellows were individually embedded within “internal startup” teams working with MI2 to support and explore opportunities within two priority focus areas: integrative medicine and telehealth.


The fellows worked closely with MedStar colleagues and mentors in these domains, dividing their time between working on assigned projects and proposing new areas for impact. See below for more on their respective learning, contributions, and outcomes.




2017-18 HFA fellows: Renee Kakareka (integrative medicine) and Sharon Rodriguez (telehealth)

2017-18 HFA physician and executive mentors: Dr. Ethan Booker, telehealth physician mentor; Paul Plsek, integrative medicine executive mentor; Dr. Emily Ratner, integrative medicine physician mentor; Bill Sheahan, telehealth executive mentor