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HFA Alumni

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HFA Alumni

Four fellows

HFA is proud to have supported the early careers of 17 alumni, who continue to make an impact in the fields of health, design, entrepreneurship, and more. Following is a snapshot of these rising innovators, organized by their fellowship class.

2017-18 Fellows: Integrative Medicine and Telehealth, respectively

2016-17 Fellows: Stroke Focus

2015-16 Fellows: Type 2 Diabetes Focus

2014-15 Fellows: Congestive Heart Failure Focus

  • Nick Azpiroz
  • Megan Caldwell, who then served as Health for America’s Executive Director post-fellowship prior to the MI2 integration
  • Sandra Hwang
  • Ellen Kourakos, who then served as Health for America's Chief Operating Officer post-fellowship prior to the MI2 integration

2013 Summer Fellows: Childhood Asthma Focus