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Doctor to your Doorstep: Supply Chain Transformation
Doctor to your Doorstep: Supply Chain Transformation

The toughest part of being a patient should be dealing with the ailment, not making appointments or filling out forms. Technology can make some of the annoyances of being a patient go away, and we are embracing this technology in our consumer health initiative. Our initiative is about exploring all the creative ways people are making life easier for consumers and patients and considering how we might apply these approaches at MedStar. In partnering with ZocDoc, our patients can make an appointment as easily as they can look for a flight. Likewise, with Tonic Health, our patients can check in electronically once they get to the appointment.

Through our clinical affiliation with CVS Caremark, MedStar Health patients can receive coordinated care services including medication counseling, chronic disease monitoring and wellness programs at CVS/pharmacy stores and MinuteClinic, the retail healthcare division of CVS Caremark. In addition, CVS Caremark provides critical prescription and visit information to the affiliated healthcare providers through the integration of secured electronic health record (EHR) systems. Learn more.

MedStar and Uber are collaborating to give patients a new option for ensuring they can get to and from healthcare appointments. Patients who miss appointments or have to reschedule at the last minute frequently cite transportation as a factor. Through this relationship, a “Ride with Uber” button is now prominently displayed on MedStar patients will be able to quickly find out the wait time and approximate cost of a ride and then request one. They also will be able to set a ride reminder to automatically notify them an hour before their appointment and keep them on schedule. Learn more.

To address health disparities that stem from socioeconomic factors, MedStar Health has chosen three sites to pilot a program designed to identify the most important problems interfering with patients’ health and connect the patients with existing aid programs: MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, MedStar Harbor Hospital Obstetrics Department and the MedStar Franklin Square Family Health Center.

Aunt Bertha

The program has three parts: performing screenings of all patients who enter our Emergency Department, linking patients to appropriate community services, and conducting follow-up resource counseling to patients who screen positive for unmet needs. The pilot is largely based on use of an online tool called Aunt Bertha, a database that makes it easy to find need-based social service programs in a specific geographic area. Learn more.

ZocDoc -- MI2 catalyzed online appointment setting at MedStar with a vendor called ZocDoc, which makes scheduling appointments far easier and attracts a volume of new patients.

Tonic Health -- MI2 catalyzed the use of a cloud-based data collection platform called Tonic Health, to replace check-in forms on clipboards, and to facilitate online surveying and screening to drive better outcomes.