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Connected Health


Connected_HealthThe MedStar Connected Health Landscape

MedStar Health is exploring a range of Connected Health projects, spanning traditional telemedicine applications and unique integrated models of digital-enabled care. Across these activities, technology is being used to enhance connections among providers, patients and medical data, and support the transition to a Distributed Care Delivery Network.

Some of MedStar’s earliest work in this area established video-based teleconsult programs to expand access across the system to high-demand clinical expertise such as stroke specialists, neurologists and medical ethicists. More recent efforts have launched direct-to-consumer eVisits that extend the convenience and quality care of our MedStar PromptCare providers into the homes of our associates and their beneficiaries.

Currently, a range of innovative digital health solutions are being explored to enhance care coordination and relational-based medicine. With mobile messaging, secure image capture apps and interactive patient education tools, healthcare providers have the ability to engage with their patients, respond faster, intervene earlier, and work more efficiently. Care also becomes more accessible and convenient as patients are able to interact with their care providers at a time and place of their choosing.

The Future is Now

MedStar Health is committed to the appropriate use of technology for innovating how providers deliver care and how patients receive it. Whether it for consultation, diagnosis, treatment, management, or monitoring, MedStar is uniquely positioned to establish itself as a leader in using Connected Health to fuel innovations in care delivery.

MedStar Institute for Innovation is pleased to serve as a catalyst for MedStar’s Connected Health initiatives, working with clinicians, researchers and administrators to explore innovative ways to improve outcomes, quality, convenience, and cost.

For more information, please visit or contact MI2’s Director of Telehealth Initiatives, David Brennan at [email protected].

Connected Health Spotlight

Curtis_1When Dr. Kathryn Walker and David Brennan, MBE, director of Telehealth Initiatives at MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), met at MedStar Health Research Institute’s annual retreat in 2014, they quickly realized they had something in common: an interest in using connected health to improve access to care for patients with serious illnesses. Eager to work together, they secured funding from the Verizon Foundation to start the Palliative Telehealth Connecting Hospital to Home (PaTCH2) program. Read More.