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Health Innovation Funders

Great ideas need significant support to turn into great products. Startup companies can benefit greatly from the resources available at incubators – which provide services and connections - and through accelerator programs – which provide funding and hands-on business development. At the same time large companies, such as MedStar Health, can partner with the organizations providing support to startups to expand the range of expertise available to entrepreneurs, gain early access to emerging technologies they are building, and inform the development in a way that fits real-world business needs.

To that end, in April 2014, MedStar Health became the fourth and final Founding Partner with 1776, joining Microsoft, Comcast Business, and the Washington DC Office of the Mayor. 1776 is a platform to reinvent the world by connecting the hottest startups with the resources they need to excel. From the Campus a few blocks from the White House, 1776 serves as a global hub for startups tackling major challenges in education, energy, health care, government, and other critical industries. 1776 startups receive mentorship, corporate connections, access to capital, media attention, and a pipeline of top talent—the raw materials critical for innovators to succeed. 1776 was founded in January 2013 by Evan Burfield and Donna Harris, a pair of successful entrepreneurs with experience building companies and communities. Together, they bring the 1776 community their expertise at the intersection of innovation and regulated industries, their experience as startup founders and investors, and the insights critical for startups to thrive in this environment.

1776 founded and leads the Startup Federation, a global network of the world’s top incubators, all of which share an exclusive member base of startups with highly scalable products or services.

Startup federation members include:

Some health-specific incubator and accelerator programs:

Blue Print Health

The Blueprint Health accelerator program provides health care companies with an intensive three-month program to help them find customers and capital. As a charter member of the TechStars Network, the program focuses heavily on mentorship, providing teams with access to over 120 mentors, all of whom have experience in the health care industry.


Healthbox is a business accelerator program that helps early-stage companies develop the health care web applications, informatics, services, devices, and diagnostics of the future. Participants have the opportunity to develop ideas, test assumptions, and focus business models in a dynamic workspace alongside other promising startups — along with receiving some seed capital.

New York Digital Health Accelerator

The New York Digital Health Accelerator is a program run by the New York eHealth Collaborative and the New York City Investment Fund for early- and growth-stage digital health companies that are developing cutting edge technology products in care coordination, patient engagement, analytics, and message alerts for health care providers.

 Rock Health

Rock Health is a nonprofit seed accelerator program that challenges developers and entrepreneurs to address issues in health and wellness through web and mobile technologies.

StartUp Health

StartUp Health has a new approach to helping innovations succeed in the health sector: Build a community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about transforming health care and give them access to the tools they need. One of those tools, education, is the focus of the ambitious StartUp Health Academy, which seeks to help 1,000 entrepreneurs over the next 10 years to build sustainable-growth businesses that will improve care and reduce health care costs.

StartX Med

Stanford University's technology accelerator StartX has expanded to work with medical and biotech startups. The resulting StartX Med program offers hard to find resources, including wet and dry lab space, animal testing, HIPAA-compliant servers and clean rooms, to young biotech and med tech companies.

For a ever-growing listing of the nearly 100 health care accelerators in the United States visit the California Healthcare Foundation’s report.