Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health

Philanthropy at MI2 and MedStar SiTEL

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The MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) and MedStar SiTEL (SiTEL) offer ways for you to make a gift in support of our work to transform care and advance health at MedStar, a nonprofit organization.

The mission of the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) is to catalyze innovation that advances health. Our mantra is “Think Differently.” Chartered by MedStar Health’s President and CEO Ken Samet in 2009, MI2 provides a broad innovation infrastructure to help MedStar’s 31,000 associates and 4,700 affiliated physicians invent the future. MI2 deploys a three-axis strategy to accomplish our mission:

  • Catalyzing innovation energy at MedStar by inspiring and equipping associates to unlock their potential to create and improve.
  • Innovating in focused domains of expertise to transform care and operations across MedStar and beyond.
  • Connecting MedStar inside and outside the healthcare industry to benefit from the best ideas, technologies, talent, and collaborations that lead to transformation.

An innovator in learning, the MedStar Simulation Training Education Lab (SiTEL) creates engaging, meaningful learning experiences that enable associates to discover new ways to deliver the best care for patients.

Your gift to MI2 can be used to support tools, services, research, courses, prototypes, digital platforms, fellowships, partnerships, and events to invent the future of health care.  

Your contribution to MedStar SiTEL can be used to support interactive online and face-to-face training, 3-D virtual simulation and hands-on, high-fidelity simulations, as well as performance support tools that can be used to improved clinical and system performance.

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How can you get involved?

Questions? Please contact the MedStar Philanthropy Group at 410-772-6517.