Catalyze Innovation that Advances Health


MedStar Institute for Innovation

Mark Smith, MD
Chief Innovation Officer,
MedStar Health
Director, MedStar Institute for Innovation

Rollin Terry Fairbanks, MD, MS, FACEP 
Associate Director, MedStar Institute for Innovation
Director, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
[email protected]
[email protected]

Edmund A. Tori, DO, FACP, CH
Associate Director, MedStar Institute for Innovation
Director, Center for Health Influence and Engagement

Jeff Collins, MHS
Administrative Director & Director, External Alliances
[email protected]

Sarah Ingersoll, MED
Director, Innovation Strategy & Marketing

Paul Plsek
Consultant, Author & Developer of DirectedCreativity™

Pete Celano, MBA
Director, Consumer Health Initiatives

Dave Brennan, MBE
Director, Telehealth Initiatives

Mandy Dorn
Director, Health for America

Bruce MacKinnon
Director, Clinical Systems Development 

Stephen Kinsey, MS, MBA
Director, MedStar Inventor Services

Kevin Maloy, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Clinical Informaticist & Developer

Ella Franklin, RN, BSN
Nursing Research Program Director
[email protected]

Eric De Jonge, MD
Director of Geriatrics & Co-Founder of the Medical House Call Program,
MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Emily Ratner, MD
Founding Medical Director,
MedStar Health Center for Integrative Medicine

John Lock

Julie Beecher
Assistant Vice President for Operations

Mik Pietrzak, MD
Senior Fellow
Founding Director of the ER One Institute, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
(Formerly Director of Strategic Initiatives)

Fidrik Iskandar
Chief Healthcare Informatics Architect

Hank Rappaport, MD
Senior Clinical Informaticist

Taylr Jesinger, MHA
Director of Innovation Forums, Senior Project Manager, Influence Specialist, The Influence Center

Brittany C.S. Weinberg, MBA, MSG
Project Manager & Influence Specialist,
Center for Health Influence and Engagement

Leatt Gilboa, MHA
Project Manager, MedStar Institute for Innovation

Christine Laccay, MHA, PMP
Senior Project Manager, MedStar Institute for Innovation

Josh Singer, MS
Project Manager, Telehealth
[email protected]

Sandrine, MBA
Administrative Coordinator

Marck-Arthur Clerveau, MS
Innovation Manager, MedStar Inventor Services

Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP, FAAEM 
Senior Fellow, MedStar Institute for Innovation

Allan Hamilton, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Arizona

National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare

Rollin (Terry) Fairbanks, MD, MS, FACEP 
Director, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
Associate Director, MI2 
[email protected]
[email protected]

Raj Ratwani, PhD
Scientific Director and Sr. Research Scientist, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
[email protected]

A. Zach Hettinger MD, MS
Medical Director and Clinical Lead, Human Factors Safety Integration, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
[email protected]

Lawrence Wolpert, PhD
Director, Usability Services
[email protected]

Grace Tran, MS
Director, Human Factors Safety Integration
[email protected]

Angela Thomas, MPH, MBA
Executive Director, Health Services Research Administration, MHRI
[email protected]

Allan Fong, MS
Research Specialist
[email protected]

Natalie Abts, MS
Program Manager, Usability Services
[email protected]

Katie Adams
Research Assistant
[email protected]

Erica Savage, MHA
Project Manager
[email protected]

Kathryn (Kate) Kellogg, MD, MPH
Clinical Safety Scientist
[email protected]

Amy Will
Research Coordinator
[email protected]

Daniel Hoffman
Research Assistant
[email protected]

Akhila Iyer, MS
Research Program Manager
[email protected]

Jessica Howe, MA
Research Specialist
[email protected]

Natalie (Nat) Benda, MS, PhD
Senior Research Fellow
[email protected]

Nicoleta Parau
Business Manager
[email protected]

Josh Puthumana
 Research Assistant

Ann Katherine Chernenkoff
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected] 

Rebecca Butler
Research Assistant, Usability Services
 [email protected]

Lucy Stein, MS, OTR/L, CAPS
Clinical Human Factors Specialist

Bidisha Roy
Research Assistant
Usability Services
[email protected]

Lindsey Clark, MS
Research Specialist
[email protected]

Ross Filice, MD
Ross Filice, MD
Clinical Informatics Scientist
[email protected]

Joseph Blumenthal, BA
MI2 Clinical Informatics Developer
[email protected]

Lisa Calkins, MS
Usability Specialist
[email protected]

Thomas Scheurich, MA
Usability Specialist
[email protected]


MedStar Simulation Training & Education Lab (MSiTEL)

Bill Sheahan, MPA, EMT-P
Corporate Vice President, MedStar Health
Director, SiTEL
[email protected]

Daria Shumaker, CHSE, MS
Lead, Clinical Education Services
[email protected]

Mary Calabrese, BSN, MSN
Director, Clinical Simulation Services
[email protected]

John Yosaitis, MD
Lead, Physician Educator
[email protected]

LaChelle Robinson
Business Manager
[email protected]

Polly Thompson
Lead, Project Management
[email protected]

David T. Bauer, MS
Director, Learning Technologies
[email protected]

James Cowgill
Lead, Digital Media Services
[email protected]

Kelly Haynie
Director, Simulations Operations

Erin Fierman

Stephen Hurst
Director, Business Strategy and Analytics

Mikki Ashin
Director, Continuing Professional Education

Eric Kinne
Manager, Instructional Design Team